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Service Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
1. All activities are subject to The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd conditions for a particular activity;
therefore age, weight or weather restrictions etc. may apply.
2. The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to cancel an activity due to any
circumstance that the management of The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd may deem to render
the activity unsafe for animals, public or staff, in which case our refund policy will be
implemented. If the activity is deemed unsafe due to client behaviour or disposition (example
alcohol or drug intoxication), no refund shall be granted.
3. No shows by guests will forfeit full payment.
4. The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to refuse access or permission to
participate in any activity; as well as to remove any client from any activity and/or premises due to
health reasons, intoxication, violent or threatening behaviour or reason deemed to compromise
the general safety of the staff, animals or other members of the public
5. Whilst precautions are made to ensure the safety of all guests, all guests enter the premises and
participate in activities at their own risk.

Refund Policy:
The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd strives to provide our customers with an experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Should you feel that the service/product received does not meet these expectations, please discuss the matter with a member of our management team. It is our company policy to refund you in full should you not be fully satisfied with your experience, service or product received.

Cancellation Policy:
1. Provisional bookings are held for 24 hours unless otherwise arranged. If payment has not been
made within 24 hours, kindly contact us to ensure availability of the dates again before making
2. If payment is made after 24 hours without confirming availability and space/availability for the
activity is available, the booking will stand and be subject to our standard cancellation policy.
3. All client cancellations must be done in writing and sent via email to
4. Our cancellation policy is applicable to all services and/or activities booked through The South
African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd.
5. Bookings and payments for tours that do not have specified times/set departures/maximum
participants can be transferred to other dates without penalty.
6. Where a cancellation is made, a voucher for a similar activity (valid for six months) may be issued.
7. In the case of services being paid by a cash deposit; subsequent refunds are subject to deduction
of cash deposit fees.
8. Where a client cancels a paid booking for activities that have specified times/set
departures/maximum participants, or in the case of a lapsed booking; the client will forfeit 100%
of the total cost of services where the cancellation is made 7 days or less to the date of departure.
Where the date of departure is 8 to 14 days away, the client will forfeit 50% of the total cost of
services. Where the departure date is greater than 15 to 28 days, the client will forfeit 25% of the cost
of service.
9. All refunds (where granted) will incur a handling charge regardless of the reason for cancellation.
10. Postponements made by clients may incur charges if made within 7 days of the booked date.
11. Bank fees for credit card payments/bank transfers are strictly non-refundable.

The South African Lion Park (Pty) Ltd, [trading as Lion & Safari Park] the servants and agents are not liable for damage or injury to or death of any person and/or damage to vehicles and other property caused by the conditions of the roads and/or by the animals and/or by other vehicles and/or by the act or omission of its agents or servants, whether negligently and/or by any other cause whatsoever. Persons entering the park do so at their own risk. The right of admission is reserved to enter the property of the SA Lion Park (Pty) Ltd and the owners/management maintain discretion to allow admission.
• All persons interacting with any animals do so at their own risk, children must be accompanied by
an adult. The animals remain wild and injuries, scratches, bites etc. may occur when interacting
with any animal.
• Keep all windows closed and doors locked in any predator enclosure (lion, cheetah, wild dogs etc.)
• Obey all instructions from Park officials and take special notice of warning signs and guideline.
• Do not leave your vehicle for any reason. In case of emergency, phone 087 1500 100 for assistance. • Refer to further terms and conditions as displayed on our premises

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